WestWind Succulents is a small succulent nursery and design company based in Lafayette, California. WestWind Succulents started on a small rooftop garden in 2017 when Jennifer Ahlstrand, a sculptor and painter, began growing succulents on the roof of her husband’s furniture studio. Despite the scorching sunlight and intense winds coming off of the bay, Jennifer began hand-raising baby succulents, now a thriving nursery of over 50 different species of Succulents including Aeoniums, Aloe, Echeverias, Kalanchoes and more. Jennifer began arranging her succulents in found and upcylced containers, allowing her to pair her loves of collecting and visual composition.


Jennifer Ahlstrand grew up in her great grandmother's house in Walnut Creek, California. As a kid, she worked in the garden potting various plants her mother had propagated, not knowing the deep connection she developed with helping plants to grow. From an early age, Jennifer loved to paint, draw and dabble in all things creative. Jennifer graduated from California College of the Arts in 2006 with a degree in sculpture, and worked as a Production Designer at Macy’s Union Square in San Francisco for seven years, creating iconic  and imaginative window displays. She created WestWind Succulents because she found her favorite thing to do: paint with plants. (Although she doesn’t know what she loves more, designing arrangements, or propagating the plants themselves.) Her favorite Succulent is the Echeveria 'Wooley Rose' because of its rosette shape and soft fine fuzz covering its leaves.